Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Aurelia

It is time - something that we have talked about for awhile now, it is time to launch into the blog... a link, or connection point for the social media that we have begun, and also a way in which to reach a greater audience and attempt to inspire them with what we have, what we do and why.

Aurelia Lifestyle Retreat is a business that is in the process of being established here on our beautiful home of Norfolk Island. Just a hop step and a jump away from Australia and New Zealand we believe it is the best place yet to rediscover the full potential of self.

Aurelia is a Lifestyle Retreat, a day spa destination that will offer massage therapies, infra red sauna, floatation therapies, personal training, group fitness classes, weight loss support and teeth whitening... and this is only the beginning.

8 times a year we will facilitate full Retreats for visitors and locals to become immersed in a dedicated wellness program, to re-earth and find them-selves, away from the daily mele of activity that we call life.

Imagine, walking through our native forests, paddling through our pristine waters, cycling beside historic ruins, or just lying peacefully beneath the stars and breathing in ...

Welcome to MY Aurelia - my chrysalis...

, it

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