Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another day in paradise

Today I decided to make the most of the fact that I have a whole day on the ground. I actually rode down to Kingston twice - yes twice, and rode back up again... It is a bit of a battle and I still get to the bottom of the hill and question my sanity in wanting to ride back up but i think it might be getting marginally easier. My legs may well not work tomorrow so here's to an early night...

The weather on Norfolk was beautiful today - we are desperately in need of rain but taking full advantage of the sunshine - so I cycled out to Ponderosa to catch up with my friend Dom, and then back through town to drop of my payslip and Tori's letter from Savannah. As I still had an hour until my Brunch meeting I decided to head down a town for a quick swim. What a sight for sore eyes the beach was this morning, again crystal clear water and hardly any wind. As I had a busy day planned I threw myself into the water for a quick swim out to the reef and back (plus time for the pics).
The glass bottom boat was out, and I had thoughts of swimming over to it and diving under for an awesome shot but due to time constraints will have to leave that for a later post - I'm sure with the weather that we are experiencing that I will get another opportunity. Back to shore and back onto the bike.

Next I cycled back up Taylors Rd. It was my first time and I made it all the way without stopping - although I must add that there were several amused drivers passing me in the opposite direction. I had a brunch meeting at Bounty Lodge with a local lady who is interested in doing some work with us at Aurelia Lifestyle Retreat. With a wealth of experience in Tai Chi and Qui Gong, as well as Kahuna massage she will be a massive benefit to our business and add significant value to the product offering that we and Norfolk can deliver.

As you can see the food (chicken and salad wrap) was beautifully presented and I can certainly vouch for the taste - it was delicious.

Radio station next for my show - which was so much fun! I really have noticed the difference that all this exercise does to increase my energy levels and help to keep my moods on an even keel. Normally it would be harder to deal with the stress associated with my little girl being in hospital away I have found I am coping by keeping busy and active.

After the show I cycled to Hillisyde to make sure that it was presentable for the Progressive Dinner there tonight - no, I said NO, but Baunti still used it with Alanah the chief chef. Whilst I was there I took a couple of pictures of the front yard presentation - There is still lots to be done but it is looking much better... Picture this, Norfolk Island's first premier day spa and retreat venue. Stay tuned to this space for further developments.
Last cycle of the day was to get home and what better way to get there than down Queen Elizabeth Lookout, and to Kingston for a swim... who needs to hurry??? The beach was packed (about as packed as it gets) with families swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and doing all the fun things you can do at the Bay.

When I could swim and photograph no more I headed back up the Country Road and home. At the bottom of the hill I wished for some wings but my legs served me well and got me there, and this time I didnt even have to stand up - hooray for little victories ;O)
No Post tomorrow sorry - flying ALL day - but Thursday, fair weather permitting we might go on a different adventure...
Happy days ;O)

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  1. Hey Kaz...Ok now I'm a follower and feel very privileged to be in your 1st blog. I do Qi gong and Tai chi here in Kiama...love it. It's great you're going to have them at Aurelia. Can't wait for it to open so I can come! :-)