Sunday, December 27, 2009

Incidental Exercise

Hooray - I have a new toy which I bought specifically for this blog. It is a digital underwater camera which can go down to 10 feet and has enbabled me to capture some footage of the beautiful sealife that inhabit the crystal clear waters of Emily Bay on Norfolk Island.

However as my topic today is incidental exercise I guess I had better elaborate some more on this. It has been a few days since I last blogged - even sans children I have worked all weekend and by the time I get home I am reluctant to stick myself behind a computer screen, and on that note I have been making sure that I have been outdoors as much as humanly possible.

On Saturday I bought my camera in duty free and then of course had to patiently (NOT) wait for it to be fully charged so that I could try it out. Whilst waiting I rode the bike around to Hillisyde and mowed the lawns, cleared up a little and then rode home again. I had planned on riding down to the beach but by the time I was done I figured it was getting a little late so rode back to DCA and drove down instead.

For those of you who know me, you know I am a little fussy about my swimming conditions - even the slightest bit of wind or minimal chop and Im out so Saturday arvo served as a non swimming afternoon, but i did stick my toes in and tried out the new camera in the shallows with not to glorious results.. certainly nothing worth uploading, with the exception of the beautiful sunset.

On Sunday I was determined to get a better result and again cycled down to Kingston and it was PERFECT. The sky was blue, the water clear and not a breath of wind. So, in I went, camera in hand and attempted to swim the first 20 metres or so with a modified swim before I worked out that I could just attach it to my cosies and then swim freely with 2 hands - very nice and much easier. During the course of the swim I stopped a few times to catch some pictures and video of the fish, but trying to film underwater and stay underwater when you arent a fish, or attached to O2 is an interesting task so it took me a while to realise that it was actually easier if I left the camera on the sea floor and then swam down for recovery stage. (see video below)

It was certainly a rewarding experience and a real lesson to me in the value of incidental exercise, taking the time to do something you love and also that is good for you is the best way to make every day a good day!

As a treat for cycling all the way back up the hill - and I might add here that I am not a speed racer but success for me is not stopping on the way - I rewarded myself with a healthy brunch at Cafe Pacifica with Vicki and Fox - DELICIOUS prawn rice paper rolls and a massive salad.

Then of course, cycled home to get ready for work.

So, that in a nutshell was Saturday and Sunday - today is now Monday and I have flown to Newcastle and back for an Post Christmas celebration with my kids and extended family (sans Thommo and Vannah who is in hospital :O( having her arm pinned) which was nice. Now, before the sun goes down I am going to take a walk down to the beach for a bbq catch up with some friends and where I go my new trusty camera will go to so stay tuned!

:O) Kaz

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