Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 09

So the question on everyones lips - How to do Christmas on a 'eating' budget??? First of all it helps to mix up the communication a little so that the big Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner that were initially planned end up not being soooooo gastronomically big! Let me explain.

Today being my first Christmas alone without the kids I managed to get a few invitations to Christmas meals but traditionally it is always breakfast with mum. Mum had invited me to go to church with her and Nan, but we decided to get together after given that I was out on my lonesome for Christmas Eve last night and wasnt sure what time I would be up...

Anyway, so at 9 O'clock I was well and truly up and around and thinking that mum would surely have finished at church by now... calling her at 9.15 she advised me that church was not until 10.00 and would finish around 11 O'clock... hence the first mix up which then meant that the 11.30 lunches that I had been also invited to were late, and I was also still full from bacon and eggs, so just had a little pavlova and watermelon.

I was actually a little tired and had a Christmas dinner invite from 4 but didnt leave the lunch sessions until around then and mum was at work and wasnt going to be there till 6, so decided to have a nanna-nap until then.

At 6.13 the phone RANG and woke me up from the deepest sleep, but then had to get into action for the next course... the trick however was that both the meal and dessert I ate from very small plates and so though they looked full, I didnt experience my usual Christmas gluttony - Yay me, and I can safely sit here at 9 O'clock at night and not berate myself for eating WAY TOO MUCH!

The down side of the ledger was that I didnt actually do any exercise today - incidental or otherwise so tomorrow will have to make sure that I get out on the bike after work. Big plans to do some more work in the yard tomorrow and then have a swim!

The weather here has been quite HOT but the beach was packed like Bondi today with everyone catching up and taking the opportunity to just relax, eat and swim - Very Nice!

Back to work tomorrow - first time since I have started the daily blog so will be interesting to see what delicious and nutritious fare we have onboard... I did put a request in for some fruit with the change-over pilots so HOPEFULLY (all fingers crossed), there might be a nice juicy mango... Now that would be a Christmas present ;O)

Hope all yorle out there got spoilt and had a great day without too much excess (except for the fun part!)

x Kaz

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