Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dec 23 and 24 09

I have been so good, not really because I wanted to be - but because I am keeping my mind and body occupied so I dont have to think about not being in Aussie with my kids for Christmas...

That being my whinge, I will get back to the business of 'laying myself bare' and telling anyone who is interested about what I have done the last 24-36 hours.

I started my day with a cycle into town. I have made a conscious decision to ride/walk whenever I can rather than take the car. For those familiar with Norfolks terrain already, you know there will some exertion due to the number of rolling hills etc.

So, anyway, into town I rode, just me and my pushy, did my little errands and then set out to hire a truck for the day... You see I have decided that rather than do an exercise session, I will make an effort to do some incidental exercise, and include some vigorous workout into my day and get some long overdue jobs done. YAY me!

So, I hired a truck as there has been a build up of scrap and waste material left lying around the yards at Hillisyde for some time now and with nothing better to do I set about tidying up the mess... 2 Big truckloads of some decent size hunks of wood later and big thanks to a couple of local lads that helped me with the unloading part, the yard started to look a little better... Better still I managed not to get too sunburnt..

Food wise, I had a pretty healthy breakfast, and then a nice chicken salad wrap from the local health food shop and then grabbed a steak and salad sandwich at the Baunti Escapes Christmas party... didnt have time for snacks although I do know that they play a big part in weight management so will make sure that after the choas of Christmas is over that I start to manage this a little better.

Oh, yes, so I mentioned that I went to a Christmas party - hard to avoid at this time of year but restrained myself with only 2 glasses of wine, and then went out for a quick drink with some of the cabin and flight crew from work and then home to bed - before midnight... so I didnt turn into a pumpkin!

Today I had a bit of a lie in, but thought better of it, given I still had the truck and at least 1 more load that I knew of, and wasnt sure exactly when it had to be returned... Straight back into it I got a bit over excited and managed to clear quite a bit of the junk that has been hiding beneath the house for a while - quite exhertive all that lifting and bending and pulling and my arms, legs and hands have copped a hiding, but again felt quite proud of my efforts. But today i managed to get sunburnt! Very naughty!

Food wise, again some healthy cereal for breakfast - eggs benedict (not so good-oops) for early lunch and then - oh yes another Christmas party tonight.. but im thinking that tonight because it is Christmas Eve that I might drown my sorrows a bit more and try not to think of my beautiful daughter and husband in hospital cause there is NOTHING I can do...

So, I am now dressed and almost ready to head out the door - I know it is Christmas day tomorrow but will make a point of updating again and I know cause I am telling you everything that I am eating that I might restrain myself a little more than I ordinarily would - and that is the plan...

So till then Goodnight - hope Santa brings you all BIG presents, and hope more that your friends and family are all safe and well.

Merry Christmas
x Kaz

PS - sorry for the lack of images, I will have to source a camera so that I can make this a little more interesting from here on in!

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