Tuesday, December 22, 2009

CWLC - Half Way and only just beginning!

Today is the half way mark in the Aurelia Community Weight Loss Challenge... But from today it is all about me.

I'll be honest and tell you the first 6 weeks have been a little half hearted... so much going on, and so little time - but in reality I have the same amount of time as every member in this challenge and the RED team are having OUTSTANDING results every week! Obviously it is me doing something wrong - First thing to fix.. time management skills and prioritising my health!

Now that the family are away for 4 weeks, I am going to devote as much time as I can to getting it all on track - after all I am meant to be an advertisement for our product so no more lame excuses for me - its on!

I asked all members of the challenge to document their journey on our facebook group page, and to be honest I was disappointed that this hasnt happened as yet and then realised... that I hadn't done it myself so how can I expect them to ?

So from tonight - live for all the world to see will be me, stripped bare (well not literally ;O), but certainly exposed, and you can be my judges to see why I do or dont get the results I am after...

On that note, I best get up and into it.
Is there anywhere more beautiful than Norfolk to do this???..

Happy days ;O)


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